Labs on Line is about online experimenting.

It means accessing remote labs and carrying out experiments there through the internet. The students work place need not be in the vicinity of the actual labs at all.

In online experimenting we can imagine a user, a student, from his home in let’s say Almere accessing a laboratory in say Antwerp and performing an experiment with a configuration of equipment over there.

Online labs – real labs accessed through the internet – can mean added value for science and engineering education. They can greatly expand the number of experiments that are available to a student in any institution. They make remote labs accessible anytime and anyplace. They can offer new experiments that were not possible before: for example those that are too expensive or too dangerous to perform within the student’s institution itself. Sharing lab facilities throughout the world becomes a reachable goal.


This website is the result of the project Labs on Line. In that project the technical and pedagogical implications of remote laboratories in education were explored. The project and its predecessors developed a number of examples of online laboratories. You will find all information in these web pages.